29 minutes | Apr 29, 2020

Elissa Wilson: How walking can support a dementia friendly community

We caught up with Elissa Wilson over Zoom to find out about her role as Volunteer Walk Leader and committee member at Dementia Friendly Prestwick. In this episode of Voices of the Walk, Elissa discusses how Dementia Friendly Prestwick has established a successful Health Walk in Prestwick. Their weekly walk is open to the whole community and makes use of the town’s promenade on the Ayrshire coast. We find out about what makes a walk dementia friendly and the benefits that being physically and socially active have for people living with dementia. Elissa also talks to us about their work to improve the promenade by making if safer, more accessible and enjoyable, not just for people with dementia but the whole community. And we also discuss how the group are working to ensure that people with dementia remain connected during the current Covid-19 pandemic. 
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