126 minutes | Sep 19, 2019

067 Debbie McNulty: Survived Sexual Abuse in the United Pentecostal Church. Now Neo-Pagan She Advocates to Help Other Abuse Survivors.

URGENT: If you live in Wisconsin please contact your state representative to express support for the Clergy Mandatory Reporter Act & the Child Victims Act.  These bills are being considered right now. If your representative is Republican, it's even more important. Republican support is low for these bills, but is critical. Anything you can do is very much appreciated. Now, to introduce today's guest... Debbie McNulty is a lifelong resident of Wisconsin. She attended a United Pentecostal church from about age 7 to 17. She was exposed to sexual abuse and ideas which caused serious religious trauma.  Now she works to help others cope with their trauma and raise awareness about the organization she grew up in. Her story is such an important story to tell. Debbie is an amazing person and ends the conversation with such a hopeful message!  Debbie's Blog: https://survivingchurchandchildhood.wordpress.com/about/ Cap Times article: https://madison.com/ct/news/local/govt-and-politics/lawmakers-push-bills-to-end-statute-of-limitations-on-lawsuits/article_25165c22-1475-5752-84ce-bef5a81153d2.html
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