117 minutes | Sep 26th 2020

E49| Exodus From The Old Empire, w/ Alexander Bard & Andrew Sweeny

Alexander Bard is a philosopher and founder of the Syntheist religious movement. Andrew Sweeny is a writer and musician with interests in mysticism and inner transformation. We explore the paradigmatics of our time, in relation to what Alexander and co-author Jan Söderqvist refer to as exodology, the dynamics of exodus. To find out more about Alexander Bard and Andrew Sweeny, access the conversation waypoints, thinkers referenced, keywords, and more: https://wp.me/p2UC3z-Hi Support Voicecraft on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/voicecraft Subscribe to the podcast at https://linktr.ee/voicecraft Listen to Sweeny vs Bard here https://www.parallax-magazin.de/andrew-sweeny-1