30 minutes | Apr 15, 2012

Voice of American Education – The View From Appalachia with Dr Alan Profitt

Dr. Alan Proffit, from Appalachian State University, in the mountains of North Carolina to provide his unique perspective as the most significant issues in education and what we must do to remedy them not only there but systematically throughout the country. You may be quite surprised as to what Dr. Proffit identifies as his #1 concern! For information about a concise publication on the evolution of American Education, mentioned during this interview, How Deconstructing the American Education System Will Reconstruct the American Dream, go to www.elementalethics.com (http://www.elementalethics.com) Find out more the American Dream Independent Community School Model and Pilot Project go to www.elementalethics.com (http://www.elementalethics.com)and sign up to become part of the most important movement in the history of US education. Find out more about Maslow’s Hierarchy referenced in this show regarding meeting a child’s basic needs in order to prepare him or her to learn go to http://www.changingminds.org/explanations/needs/maslow.htm (http://www.changingminds.org/explanations/needs/maslow.htm)
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