28 minutes | Mar 4, 2012

Voice of American Education – How American Schools Are Damaging Ability and Interest in Learning

This week, Dr. John Bardi comes aboard to share amazing insight as to how American education is not only failing students, but is damaging them and their chance at full, productive lives. As Host Dr. Rosanna Pittella, author of How Deconstructing The American Education System Will Reconstruct The American Dream (http://www.elementalethics.com)asks compelling questions that help listeners better understand some of the serious root causes of school failures to develop and encourage students to learn and to love learning.A0 But the show does not end there! The exciting interaction between Dr Pittella and Dr Bardi includes some intriguing solutions for problems discussed and describe hopes for the future of American Education. More information about the hybrid school model project discussed can be found at www.elementalethics.com (http://www.elementalethics.com).
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