30 minutes | Apr 9, 2012

Voice of American Education – Do Educators Appreciate The History of Ineffectiveness of Reforms To date? Is Reform a False Hope?

Dr. Cynthia Glenn who has vast experience in both K-12 classrooms and those at the university level, discusses the newest reform being adapted by many states that “allow” teachers to be “more” involved in the methodology of teaching in their classrooms and can assist directly or indirectly to develop 15% of the questions asked on standardized tests! The conversation is an interesting one, in which the concept of working within State and Federal system of American education still seems to remain alive for many reformers, teachers, and families in spite of the fact that not one reform in American Education has ever closed the gap on learning between rich and poor children. For information about a concise publication on the evolution of American Education, mentioned during this interview, How Deconstructing the American Education System Will Reconstruct the American Dream, go to www.elementalethics.com (http://www.elementalethics.com) Find out more the American Dream Independent Community School Model and Pilot Project go to www.elementalethics.com (http://www.elementalethics.com)and sign up to become part of the most important movement in the history of US education. Find out more about Dr. Cynthia Glenn’s handy guide book for students who may arrive at high school or college unprepared to write a college level paper, and its extraordinarily simple and effective tips that make such writing simple and easy! Go to www.amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com)and search for “Staying on track: Tools and tricks for writing a better research paper using electronic media” by Cynthia Glenn Ph.D.
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