19 minutes | Feb 22, 2021

Let's Talk Flower Business!

Let's Talk Flowers Business

Christi and I absolutely love business talks. Something that doesn't happen as often as it should in floral industry. 

We are here to help by sharing our combined 40+ years of business knowledge with you every Monday on Viva La Flora Live Podcast. 

We welcome you all to join us for the "afterparty" at the Clubhouse every Wednesday at 3pm EST to have a discussions around the topics we discuss on the show and all things business. 

If you would like an invitation to Clubhouse, please reach out to Anahit or Christi in Instagram DM. We both are happy to have you join us (note is is only available for Apple users only at the moment).

We want to see you succeed in your business!

Floral Business Academy

Let's stay connected @vivalafloralive

Thank You for Listening! 

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