47 minutes | Jun 4, 2021

"EMC Go Live Event"

EMC Go Live Event is HERE!!! July 13-14, 2021 First ever, one of a kind virtual event.Join me as I dive into the WHAT, the WHO & the WHY behind this amazing event.  "As we enter into a new age of our floral industry, we realize what lies ahead is full of possibility! At EMC, we always want to encourage conscious creativity and bring those we influence and those that influence us to new heights of awareness. Most people are only the thermometer of their own life...letting the outside world control the temperature, and simply reacting. This often is the easier way to go, but we know that it isn't what sets you apart and keeps you growing.  What if you became the thermostat and gained control over your circumstances?  Think about it...how often do you wake up feeling in your gut that there's more for you but your'e missing out on life because you're going through the motions rather than claiming what life has for you? In order to truly gain ownership over your success and legacy, you must explore and stretch yourself. We live in a new world...what we used to do just doesn't work any more.  So, we've teamed up with some amazing people that we know can stretch you to new possibilities and you'll grow beyond what you thought was possible. At the end of the 2 days, you'll walk away with new clarity, new ideas, new mindset and knowledge so you can take ownership of your success, and future. It's time to bring creativity to action!" ~ EMC team REGISTER FOR THE EVENTWatch the Interview On You Tube Let's stay connected @vivalafloralive Thank You for Listening!  Leave us a Review and enter in a Book Giveaway. We truly appreciate your feedback and support!!!    ~Anahit  SPONSORS & SUPPORTERS:True Client ProFloral Business Academy 411 FloralFloral Success Institute
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