56 minutes | Mar 2, 2021

Elizabeth Cronin "From Wicker Park To HBO MAX"

Elizabeth Cronin founder of Asrai Garden has quickly became a household name in Chicago's floral wold, creating floral art for the locals and celebrities.  What sets the Asrai Garden shops apart — and perhaps what intrigued HBO — is Cronin’s devotion to native plants and natural-looking arrangements. Cronin’s arrangements celebrate the “wild” look of flowers, often including prairie greens native to Illinois or taxidermied insects... SHOW NOTES WEB ASRAI GARDEN INSTAGRAM ELIZABRTH INSTAGRAM Let's stay connected @vivalafloralive Thank You for Listening!  Leave us a Review and enter in a Book Giveaway. We truly appreciate your feedback and support!!!    ~Anahit  SPONSORS:True Client Pro 411 FloralFloral Success Institute    Viva La Flora Designs
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