31 minutes | Apr 26th 2018

E6: In Conversation: The Farm at Los Olivos Park

Join us as we sit down with two Phoenix entrepreneurs and hear the story of how a city of Phoenix park is getting ready for a transformation that rethinks the role of parks in improving health and well-being.

Aren’t parks already healthy, you ask? Of course. But what would it look like if a project was conceived at the intersection of healthy foods and parks? It would probably look a lot like The Farm at Los Olivos Park (28th Street, north of Indian School Road), a proposed project that combines an urban working farm, a produce stand, an art and education center, and a park concession. It’s a pretty big stretch of an idea, and a pretty bold plan. Hey, nowhere else are you going to experience a conversation that blends farming, art, hospitality, Top Gun, and maybe even a secret about parsnips in Arizona. Learn more:

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