57 minutes | Apr 17, 2021

#120 VR Vintage: Restoring Your Immune Ecosystem with Dr. Zach Bush

(originally aired 07.08.17)In this vintage episode of Vitality Radio, Jared rants about extended use of Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) to treat acid reflux and GERD. Long-term use increases the risk of death by any cause by 25%. What are you being told versus what is happening to your body when you are dealing with GERD.Jared interviews Dr. Zach Bush, who educates us on glyphosate. It is the #1 chemical used worldwide and it is embedded into our soil and water. Naturally, this chemical is causing some major health issues and damaging our immune systems. Dr. Bush and Jared discuss how to limit your consumption of glyphosate and ways you can rebuild your immune system by creating a healthy ecosystem within your body. You can follow us at @vitalityradio on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Check us out online at vitalitynutrition.com. Let us know your thoughts about this episode by using the hashtag #vitalityradio and please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. Just a reminder that this podcast is for educational purposes only. The podcast has not been evaluated by the FDA. The information within is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Advice given is not intended to replace the advice of your medical professional.
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