59 minutes | Apr 14, 2021

#119 VR Vintage: The American Heart Association is Full of It. Also a Few of Jared’s Favorite Things.

In this episode of Vitality Radio, Jared points out the fact that the American Heart Association is still using science that is almost 60 years old. Trusting “experts” who are funded by “Big Food” is probably not wise. Also, Jared shares some of his favorite products and services to improve your overall health. Including reducing pain, enhancing relaxation and meditation, and rebuilding gut and immune health. You can follow us at @vitalityradio on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Check us out online at vitalitynutrition.com. Let us know your thoughts about this episode by using the hashtag #vitalityradio and please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. Just a reminder that this podcast is for educational purposes only. The podcast has not been evaluated by the FDA. The information within is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Advice given is not intended to replace the advice of your medical professional.
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