27 minutes | Nov 26th 2019

Who Killed Healthcare? Dr Regina Herzlinger Knows Who’s Guilty

In 2007, Dr. Regina Herzlinger, the Nancy R. McPherson Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, wrote a book called “Who Killed Health Care”, making a strong case for a healthcare system based on consumer choice and pricing transparency. More than a decade later, America is now struggling to make the Affordable Care Act, or ‘Obama-care’, solvent, and most countries in Europe are facing exponentially increasing healthcare costs and the rationing of government services. In fact, the US congress is now developing proposals for 1970’s style pricing controls for Medicare Part D. Dr. Herzlinger’s book was absolutely prescient in predicting the problems we face today funding healthcare and, in this podcast, she offers her unique perspective on how we can fix it.
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