25 minutes | Apr 20, 2021

F*ckGatekeeping Answers Your Questions About Being a Pro Photographer

Emiliano Granado, Jared Soares, and Carmen Chan recently launched F*ckGateKeeping – a website and Instagram resource for younger photographers looking to establish themselves in the industry. Their irreverent approach combined with their impressive credentials make this a resource worth checking out.Also in this episode of Vision Slightly Blurred: Gwen Katz runs desaturated color photos through a colorization AI. The results aren't pretty. Photojournalists attacked by police in MN during Daunte Wright demonstrations. Hulu's got a new reality TV show for photographers called "Exposure. Dawoud Bey has a new book and a career retrospective at the Whitney, Polaroid reintroduced their "Round Frame Edition," and checkout @museumoflostmemories on TikTok.
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