14 minutes | Oct 26th 2020

337 | How to Get Confident + Do Video for Your Online Business | The Visible Entrepreneur

Want to know how to get more confident onscreen so you can inject video strategy into your business and make sure you're connecting/building your audience? 

In this podcast, I'll share how I've built on-camera confidence to use video in all aspects of my biz to build audience trust!

This has also led to me leading The Comfy on Camera Challenge in my community, The Visible Entrepreneur, to help hundreds of other entrepreneurs build these skills too!


Today's Topics:

  • Why You Cringe Every Time You Get On Camera
  • Building Your On-Camera Confidence
  • Why You Need To Be On Video
  • How To Get Started

To recap, there are some pesky gremlins that hide behind on-camera nerves...but, with a little work, it's very easy to release those fear patterns and start getting more confident doing videos!

If you're ready to start livestreaming now, I suggest you pin this so you can reference it later, then go register for my free Comfy On Camera Challenge so I can teach you how to get more confident on camera ASAP.

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