6 minutes | Aug 3rd 2020

327 | How To Build a Successful Press Page That Gets You BOOKED | The Visible Entrepreneur

Want to know how to create a press page that works wonders?

You don't need to wonder about what a press page is + how to create one anymore! 

Everyone is talking media kits, but the truth? They don't even get opened by editors anymore!

A Press Page is where it's at...so let me show you how to build one.

Just like a brand video, a press page is essential in the online space!


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We will cover:
1. What's a Press Page?
2. Why Bookers Are Deleting Your Pitches
3. What Goes on a Press Page?

To recap, creating a powerful Press Page will act as a personal resume/portfolio in the online space so you can book features like podcasts, stages + publications easily...so be sure to build it out according to the steps I've listed + make it public!

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