13 minutes | May 18th 2020

325 | What To Do To KEEP Your Publicity Growing | The Visible Entrepreneur

Hey friend! In this episode, I'm chatting all about the TRUTH behind a true publicity plan + how you can absolutely do it. Yes, you!

I'll also be covering the last 3 tips of the Publicity Series.

Have you enjoyed them?

Here's a brief overview...

  • #11.  Celebrate your first feature!! Highlight your first feature to your email list, social media platforms + facebook group/profile.
  • #12. Get more consistent with your list-building, social media posting, livestreams + visibility vehicle.
  • #13. Polish your social media channels, website + visibility vehicle.
  • #14. Once you’re in a rhythm, add a new publicity feature type.
  • #15. Stay accountable. Publicity is a long game...and it will need your time and energy.

And, if you haven't yet, come on over to the Visibility Lounge! That's where I walk you through every single publicity strategy step by step. Join here.

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