23 minutes | Jun 29th 2016

Episode 07 - Mario Clash

Mario Clash is a fantastic update to the arcade Mario Bros. game. In this, you must make your way up Clash Tower, one floor at a time.  To do so, you have to stomp on Koopas and steal their shells to smack other monsters in the face.  IN 3-D!!! In reality, the use of 3-D spaces in this game is fantastic - you have essentially a foreground and a background.  Pipes can stretch between them.  In the center, Mario is lowered if he is chomped by an enemy. One of my favorite games on the Virtual Boy, and I still haven't beaten it! f you would love to hear about pinball, feel free to check out my other show, For Amusement Only.  My custom pinball machine is nearing completion.  I'm a proud member of the Retro Junkies network of shows.  A huge library of excellent retro topics await you athttp://theretrojunkies.com/  
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