16 minutes | May 4th 2016

Episode 03 - Teleroboxer

Teleroboxer is a fantastic boxing game developed by Nintendo R&D1 for the launch of the Virtual Boy. Teleroboxer is very similar to Punch Out!!! but differs in that it is very fast and you control each arm of your remote robot boxer individually. It is difficult and fun - don't be afraid of a challenge.   Check out this awesome Virtual Boy cabinet, courtesy of my friend Chris: http://gizmodo.com/5811746/the-virtual-boy-arcade-cabinet-that-never-existed/   Next episode will be Galactic Pinball!   I'm a proud member of the Retro Junkies network, check out all the great shows at http://theretrojunkies.com/podcasts.html Podcasts like: The Atari 2600 Game By Game Podcast The Atari 5200 Super Podcast The SNES Podcast The Intellivisionaries The Channel F Files 2 Dudes and an NES and many, many more!   And if you want to hear more of me, check out For Amusement Only - the EM and Bingo Pinball Podcast at http://foramusementonly.libsyn.com
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