31 minutes | Feb 12th 2021

E19: Black History Month - Kiana Gandy

In Episode 19 of Viking Voices, we continue the month of content celebrating Black History Month in February. Former WWU women's basketball player Kiana Gandy joins the podcast to talk about her career with the Vikings (which included over 1,000 points), what valuable life skills she learned under coaches Carmen Dolfo and Stacey Turrell, and talks about what Black History Month means to her and how her family plays a valuable role in that history. Kiana recently completed her Master's in Clinical Mental Health and works to support children experiencing adjustment disorders and trauma. She also owns her own company - Headscarves & Healing - a mental wellness community centered on Black millennial's self-directed healing and growth. Enjoy the podcast with this Viking legend! Video interview with Kiana Gandy on YouTube  
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