4 minutes | Mar 9, 2021

Trailer – Introducing Victory in Mind

EPISODE SUMMARYIntroducing this Podcast, Victory in Mind, we will expound on the type of show this will be, including the frequency and goal of this podcast.TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES[00:00:43] Welcome to Victory in Mind podcast.[00:01:10] Type of show: Occurring on Wednesdays, about 10-20min long.[00:01:30] Goal of the show[00:02:08] Ultimate victory. You have a future. You have a hope.LEAVE SOME FEEDBACKWould you consider reviewing Victory in Mind podcast? If so, here’s the iTunes/Apple Podcast link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/victory-in-mind/id1557591084. If you like what you hear (and read!), please share the links with anyone you think might be interested. Much much appreciated!Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes!!!MORE INFOIf you want to find out more info about Waceke visit: www.tataceke.comRESOURCESFor fantastic podcast intro/outro: GNX Productions. Larry "DJ X-Cell" Wall. Djxcell75@gmail.comGorgeous podcast artwork designed by Cameron Ward at www.camwarddesign.com.For voice over services: visit https://tataceke.com
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