70 minutes | Nov 12th 2020

"Trump...YOU'RE FIRED!"

What up beautiful Black people! Welcome to another episode of Vibrant Society Crew! We are officially at episode 7 and not only that, we are projected to have a new President and VP in the House...as soon as the old one leaves! On this week's episode: Black Women behind Kamala Harris and LGBTQ+ in the House. Topic of discussion: Trump...GET CHA ASS OUT THE HOUSE! Make sure you guys SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE and RATE US! It helps us to get noticed. Follow us on Facebook: Vibrant Society Crew and IG: @vscpodcast. We love you guys and appreciate you all! Thanks for rockin with us and please leave your comments on our pages as we so love the feedback!  It's VSC! #GoodVibesOnly 
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