30 minutes | Oct 29th 2020

"It's The Fly For Me" part 2

Alexa, play the theme song for "The Price Is Right"! Annnnndddddd we are back beautiful black people with part 2 of episode 6: It's The Fly For Me. As we recap the message of the fly, topic of discussion: Pro Life vs Pro Choice.  Our hosts all had different responses, but what are you all's thoughts on the subject? Y'all know what to do! Leave your comments on our Facebook and IG pages! Hope everyone got a chance to do early voting and if not, HAVE YO ASS AT THE POLLS ON NOVEMBER 3RD!  SUBCRIBE SUBSCRIBE AND SUBSCRIBE SOME MO! RATE US! It helps us to get noticed.  As always, thanks for rocking with us! We love and appreciate y'all so much. #VSC #GoodVibesOnly
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