50 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

"It's The Fly For Me" part 1

Beautiful Black people! We are back with another episode of Vibrant Society Crew! This week: The Vice Presidential Debate, The Fly and the message, Voter Suppression and LGBTQ+ Diversity Report. We decided to split this episode in two! We couldn't give y'all all the sauce this week, but don't worry, the next part is on the way! SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE AND SUBSCRIBE SOME MO as we're on all podcast platforms! RATE US! It helps us to get noticed! Follow us on social media! Facebook: Vibrant Society Crew Instagram: @vscpodcast We love and appreciate every last one of our listeners! We do this for y'all! Thanks for rocking with us as always! #VibrantSocietyCrew #GoodVibesOnly
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