35 minutes | Jul 19, 2021

123: Overcoming Body Image Issues + Finding Body Confidence with Rachael Gilbert

Struggle with body image issues + want more body confidence?  Tired of being in the diet cycle? If you have a negative body image or feel unworthy or unhappy because of your body image, today’s podcast episode with Rachael Gilbert. offers great tips for renewing your thoughts about your body and encourages you that you’re not alone in these issues of body confidence.We address body image and body dysmorphia issues, including topics like: how to step into more awareness and acceptance about our bodieshow to stop the shame and blame cycles associated with unhappy body imagepractical ways to stop the lies we tell ourselves about our body imageWe all struggle with body image issues, no matter what body type we have! Get practical encouragement about how to renew your thoughts about your physical self in this great episode. FREE RESOURCE: Get the Free "How to Manage Your Thoughts" 4-Part Training + Worksheets Need help overcoming negative thought patterns--from a biblical perspective?If you're tired of negative thoughts controlling your mind, then you need to download the FREE 4- Part Training called "How to Manage Your Thoughts".Plus you'll be on the interest list to join the next round of the Christian Mindset Makeover™--the 9-week boot camp for Christian women to overcome negative thoughts using proven scientific and biblical mindset tools for more joy, clarity and confidence!There is hope. You don't have to be stuck in a spiral of negative thinking! Grab this free training (which includes 4 next step worksheets to help you practice!) on how to manage your thoughts now.
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