60 minutes | Jul 6, 2021

121: Finding Sacred Rest + Sabbath When You’re Stuck in Overfunction with Deanna Mason

What does spiritual rest or sabbath rest look like, and how can we give ourselves permission to embrace God’s gift of rest, set boundaries around our schedules, and seek sabbath rest without any guilt, shame, or fear?Today on the podcast my friend Deanna Mason and I are talking about how to create a lifestyle of soul rest—this is the deep kind of sabbath rest that we’re all desperate for but feels just out of reach. Deanna shares about the different types of rest and why understand each of these types of rest can help us practice sabbath rest as defined in the Bible.  Listen,  as overfunctioners and high achievers,  Deanna and I of have struggled with what it means to work hard as part of our godly calling and also make sabbath rest a priority, so if you struggle in this area, our stories today will encourage you that you’re not alone! Discover Sabbath Rest at the Refreshed Moms Mini-Sabbatical October 15-18 Are you frustrated that spiritual rest seems to come last in your life as you prioritize the needs of your children and/or work?  Do you long to take a deep exhale as you replenish your soul with Sabbath rest that restores your body, your emotions and your spirit?  Then you’ve got to join us for the Refreshed Moms Mini-Sabbatical October 15-18. This is the #1 virtual experience designed to help mom leaders enjoy rest away from work and kids in order to reconnect with God and renew themselves spiritually.  Since this is a virtual event, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to access the sessions. However, participants are encouraged to spend 3 nights away from home (whether that’s at a local hotel or one across the country) so that you can truly escape and return home refreshed.  I (Alicia) will be one of the speakers at this one-of-a-kind event. Join us and let this amazing sabbath-rest-focused mini sabbatical experience refill your cup as you re-direct your heart towards God! Plus, now through July 13,  you can take $100 off with the special promo code exclusively for Vibrant Christian Living Podcast listeners: VCL100 Sign up now for the Refreshed Moms Mini-Sabbatical HERE.
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