104 minutes | Feb 2, 2018

Episode 011: Trainspotting - with Jon Hickman

In this episode, we travel back to 1996 Edinbrgh, Scotland to visit the scuzzy gang of misfits Renton,Spud, Sick Boy and Begbie as we review Danny Boyle's Traispotting. Our guest spotlight highlights Jon's love for American Football films and his perspective of America's most popular sport on the big screen. I also get John's opinion on the best James Bond actor as well as what constituted VHS piracy. In a special Flux Capacitor we look back on several amazing films that celebrated anniversaries this week, but this time there is a catch. We discuss the differences in US and UK film release dates and highlight a few films celebrating anniversaries overseas. Of course we jump ahead and discuss why Groundhog Day came one week early for this episode. Jon Hickman is a man of many podcasts, check out his other shows here: runnerpod.com @runnerpod thread.podiant.co @ImportantThread btlpodcast.com @btlpodcast As always you can find VIA VHS on Twitter @viavhs Instagram @viavhspod and on Facebook at VIA VHS Podcast VIA VHS is a proud member of the Podfix Network podfixnetwork.com
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