77 minutes | Dec 21, 2017

Episode 007: Die Hard- with Ashlee from Rabbit Ears

As at least 873,242 people have said on Social Media this year, yes Die Hard is a Christmas movie. It's almost a cliche to review Die Hard at Christmas but we here at VIA VHS aren't above it. Joining me to shamelessly ride the Holiday SEO wave is Ashlee Gorski, the girl who took over my TV podcast like Hans Gruber henchman from a defunct Eastern European Prog Rock band took over Nakatomi Plaza. Just kidding, it was all by design. Find out what classic film series Ashlee despises and travel back in time with us via our Flux Capacitor as we celebrate anniversary films like Wall Street, A Few Good Men, Good Will Hunting and Titanic. Both Rabbit Ears and VIA VHS are proud members of the Podfix Network, find other great podcasts at podfixnetwork.com. Find us on Twitter @viavhs and @RabbitEarsTVpod
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