71 minutes | Nov 16, 2017

Episode 004: Jaws- with Chris Braaten from More Gooder Than

The movie that reinvented the Summer Blockbuster and gave generations of sweaty fanboys a reason to complain about big expensive licensing machines well into their fifties. Jaws, wasn't just a big movie, it was a cultural phenomenon, much like my guest this week. With the voice of a God and a booming laugh that will impregnate every female in it's radius, Chris Braaten (a.k.a #Godfix) rules the Podfix Network with love and mercy. Also he hosts the much celebrated More Gooder Than podcast which I love despite enormous envy. Find More Gooder Than and other great shows at podfixnetwork.com @PodFix You can find VIA VHS on social media @viavhs
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