56 minutes | Nov 2, 2017

Episode 003: Wild Wild West - featuring Matt Wright from A Beardo and a Weirdo Talk Film

Wicky-wah, wicky wicky-wah, wicky wicky what a pile of bullshit this film is. But something about this Wild Wild West is fun, nostalgic and silly 90s cheese! I'm joined all the way from the UK by Mathew Wright, on half of the Beardo and a Weirdo talk film to discuss the film that Will Smith, Salma Hayek, Kevin Kline and Keneth Branagh all want you to forget. 1999 is the cutoff year for VIA VHS's Rewind Reviews and perhaps for good reason, as this film tries to prove that 1999-2003 rarely earn our nostalgia. You can find a Beardo and a Weirdo talk film on iTunes, Soundcloud and YouTube as well as other podcatching apps. Find them on Twitter @captainbeard93 As always you can find VIA VHS on Twitter @viavhs as well as on Facebook and Instagram. VIA VHS is a proud member of the Podfix Network you can find more shows like this at podfixnetwork.com
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