53 minutes | Oct 25, 2017

Episode 002: Air Force One- featuring Spencer Scott Holmes from Old Man Orange

If Spencer's creativity and massive VHS collection wasn't enough to make me envious, you should see his Air Force One swag bag! In this episode of the VIA VHS Retro Movie Podcast I'm joined by Spencer Scott Holmes of the Old Man Orange Podcast to discuss the 1997 Patriotic staple, Air Force One! Director Wolfgang Petersen succeeds in trying to conjure the 80s Cold War Action Movie magic, almost a decade after the Cold War ended, by essentially making Die Hard on a plane. Now imagine that plane is Air Force One, the President is Harrison Ford and the Russian bad guy is Gary Oldman! Yeah, you just had an Amerigasm. You can find Spencer on Twitter @SpencerSHolmes and check out all of his creative endeavors at oldmanorange.com You can find VIA VHS on Twitter @viavhs and as always, we are proud member of the Podfix Network podfixnetwork.com
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