42 minutes | Oct 18, 2017

Episode 001: Rocky IV- featuring Steve from Dinner and a Podcast

In the 80's Americans had lots of money, lots of cocaine and lots of winning! Essentially we were Charlie Sheen. Just coming off of a landslide win in the last election by the 'Old Gipper' and basking in the excess of 80s capitalism, America was in love with itself again, put your personal politics aside and you'll have to admit, the 80s were pretty awesome. Perhaps no film caters to the American psyche of that time more than Rocky IV. America's underdog hero Rocky is pitted against the emotionless soviet machine Drago, a behemoth of science built to intimidate the world, the epitome of Soviet strength. With the Cold War as a backdrop and the death of his friend Apollo Creed at the hands of this Russian monster, Rocky faces his toughest opponent yet, and he has to travel into the belly of the beast to do it. My guest Steve Lannuccilli is the host of Dinner and a Podcast in New York City. You can find dinner and a podcast on iTunes, Podbean, Soundcloud and at dinnerandapodcast.weebly.com and on Twitter @DinnerPodcast You can VIA VHS on social media @viavhs and we are proud members of the PodFix Network. Find other great shows at podfixnetwork.com
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