27 minutes | Apr 16, 2019

Ep.7 How to introduce a new baby or puppy to your dog? Why do dogs bury bones?

How do you introduce a new baby or puppy to your dog? Dr. Chip and Dr. Beall present several tips to help you introduce your new baby to your dog or cat. This is a very informative episode with excellent concrete advice that can easily be executed by anyone. Dr. Chip tells the story of how he introduced his new baby to their dog or cat. And Dr. Beall discusses what he has learned over the last 35 years about new babies and puppies. As the episode continues Dr. Chip and Dr. Beall answer the popular question, “Why do dogs bury bones?”  They explain that dogs were at one time wild animals and what wild instincts remain with them. Food preservation and food guarding are instinctive. See this video on bringing home a baby. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2OzXEqvs4g Cool Pet Discovery of the Week:  This week we discuss an app called Bring Fido  https://www.bringfido.com/ This App explores over 200,000 places to stay, play, and eat with your dog. Read thousands of reviews to sniff out the best pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and attractions in all 50 states and more than 100 countries. 24-hour support available They are U.S. based team of pet travel experts available to help plan and book your next pet-friendly vacation.   Hope you enjoy the show: We are honored you joined us. Don't forget to subscribe to our show. And please leave us a review. Thank you
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