52 minutes | Mar 24, 2020

Ep.15 What Should Your Pet Eat?

We are excited and honored to have Dr. Sally Perea in the studio. It is rare to have the opportunity to interview a Veterinary Nutritionist. There are not many Veterinary Nutritionists in the world. And she took the time to come to our studio and help all of us to understand pet diets.  Sally is also the co-host along with her husband Curtis, of the fantastic podcast, Arise and Shine.  Arise, and Shine is a daily devotional podcast where they read a portion of scripture, then discuss what stood out to them and apply it to their day to day growth. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/arise-and-abide/id1493077635 More info on Dr. Sally Perea  linkedin.com/in/sally-perea-38907576 In this episode, she considered all types of diets, raw, grain, homemade, allergy, and answered the top questions we get on diets and nutrition for pets. So what is true about pet food diets. It is complicated but listen to what Dr. Perea has to say.    **The one thing we learned and worth noting is to always look for the AAFCO statement on the pet food package. This is critical. AAFCO establishes standards or models for regulations aimed at ensuring that manufacturers provide clear, accurate, and consistent information about animal feed, including pet food.   ** The other truth worth noting is marketing, blog, commercials, etc. have all outpaced research, so be careful what you read and hear about pet nutrition.    
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