37 minutes | Sep 13, 2019

Ep. 11 the Truth about pet Nutrition with Dr. Sally Perea

Dr. Sally Perea, a veterinary Nutritionist at Royal Canin joins the show today to talk about pet nutrition. Dr. Perea is one of only 80 veterinary nutritionists in the county.  In today's world, everyone has an opinion on pet food diets. Who is right, how do you know what you are being told is correct. Join us on this episode to learn how marketing has outpaced research in the pet nutrition industry and what you should do when feeding your pet? Cool Pet Tip of the Week: Darkyazi Snuffle Mat Nosework Blanket can be found on Amazon. For more information go to VETSTALKPETS.com Do you have questions about your pet?  Email us at info@springborovet.com  
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