32 minutes | Sep 30th 2020

You Need a Vacation! How to Set Work Boundaries When You Take Time Off

EPISODE 200! 200 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS! WOO-HOO! THANK YOU! … We talk a lot on the Veterinary Viewfinder about the importance of self-care and wellness, including taking time off for yourself. Even though we may escape our veterinary clinics from time to time, how to we truly disconnect from the incessant text questions, prescription approvals, and myriad of other interrupters during “time off?” … This week co-hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT offer their tips and advice for setting boundaries when taking time off work. Beckie shares her recent vacation experience and how she dealt with requests while she was celebrating her 10-year wedding anniversary. … This episode is a must-listen for anyone who manages or owns a veterinary practice. As Dr. Ward says, “Respecting time off begins with leadership and leads to workplace culture.” … If you know someone or are struggling yourself with “time-off guilt” or unsure how to disconnect without missing out or letting down your team, this episode is meant for you! … Viewfinders, thank you again for your loyal listening and helping us reach tens of thousands of downloads each month! 200!! … How do you prepare for vacation or taking a long weekend? Do you have “time-off guilt?” We want to hear from you!