22 minutes | Sep 25th 2020

Versus History #103 - Thirteen Ways of Looking at Lawrence of Arabia

In this episode of @VersusHistory podcast, we interview Kevin Jackson, the author of the new Audible book 'LEGION: Thirteen Ways Of Looking At Lawrence Of Arabia'. The book is a captivating and revealing novel, that explores the unknown life of Lawrence of Arabia in a quest to understand his genius. Kevin Jackson has previously worked as a teacher, director, broadcaster on BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 4 and journalist, with his work appearing in The New Yorker, The Sunday Times and The Guardian. Kevin is the author of 35 books - including Constellation of Genius, Invisible Forms, Humphrey Jennings, The Worlds of John Ruskin, Greta and the Labrador, and the Kindle best-seller Single Mayflower, which will be published as a paperback in September 2020. Kevin Jackson is a frequent broadcaster on the radio, particularly BBC Radio Three and BBC Radio 4. For terms of use, please visit www.versushistory.com