63 minutes | Jul 7, 2019

The LP Perspective: Alex Bangash

Alex Bangash (@AlexBangash), founder of Trusted Insight, joins Erik as part of our LP series.

They talk about:

- The myth, according to Alex, that there are such things as “good pickers” in venture.

- The fact that in venture, the traditional investment model is turned on its head — assets are picking managers, rather than the other way around.

- Why “the structural advantage of the big funds has all but disappeared” and why he cringes when someone tells him they want to be the next Benchmark.

- How he is trying to disrupt the entire venture model by democratizing access to capital.

- Why he’s bullish on the studio model and which kinks still need to be worked out.

- Where the next big thing in VC will come from.

- What he means when he says he’s “trying to bring a tennis racket to a basketball game” when talking about whether star GPs could be thought of as analogous to big NBA free agents.

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