37 minutes | Sep 14th 2020

Planting Seeds - Next Wave Impact

Alicia Robb, founder and CEO of Next Wave Impact is no ordinary fund manager. Describing herself as an 'accidental venture capitalist', her research with the Kauffman Foundation led her to found a fund with a current goal to diversify the investor base, helping to close existing gender and racial gaps, while supporting entrepreneurs pushing global solutions and having a positive impact. In this episode we cover the nuts and bolts of investing, delving deeper into Alicia's background and the research that led her on her path today, as well as what she looks out for in a good pitch and how you can come prepared. We also cover the ins and outs of her syndicate Vegan Investors, the value of a human network, and her journey navigating ethical qualms when it comes to choosing who to support in the startup world. Whether you're a founder looking to learn, or simply someone who wants to get more involved in the space, this episode is for you.

Blog: https://bitesociety.com/blogs/news/planting-seeds-next-wave-impact

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