39 minutes | Oct 13th 2020

Deli Done Different - Plantcraft

After her transition to a vegan diet several years ago, Kati Ohens felt an itch that she was meant to do something more meaningful in her life. With a successful career in advertising and software development, she was put in touch with Csaba Hetenyi, a financier who had recently acquired a unique IP to develop a pasta product. Seeing the potential to do something more, what started as Kati advising on brand development soon transitioned into a cofounding team, with the two coming together and creating Plantcraft, a startup focussed on transforming deli, one slice at a time. In this episode, we talk to Kati about the company's unique approach to plant-based meat production and their choice of unusual ingredients, as well as the lack of innovation when it comes to deli meats and why it's a market we can no longer ignore. We also spoke about their upcoming launch, their achievements at the World Plant Based Food Awards and what a 'clean' label means for the brand, highlighting the importance of supporting all plant-based companies, processed or not, as key players in the future food system. 

Blog: https://bitesociety.com/blogs/news/deli-done-different-plantcraft

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