48 minutes | May 30, 2021

Manifestation, Relationships, PTSD, Cancel Culture and Using Funk to Empower Yourself

Thom tackles the “cancel culture” of today’s world, and empowers us to make ourselves useful if we find ourselves in a funk. He shows us how to let go of anxious attachment in relationships and puts PTSD in perspective, while giving us the tool to address it.If you’d like to have Thom answer a question on the podcast, you can submit your questions here.Episode Highlights: [00:40] Q - Please Comment on Our Culture’s Obsession with Manifestation[01:14] Charm - The Mechanism of Desire[04:30] Cosmic Management[06:52] Manifestation and Desire are Related and Simultaneous[07:56] Q - How Do You Know When to Leave a Relationship?[08:19] Surrendering Preferences[10:22] Self-Sufficiency[12:01] The Business of Creating Memories [12:11] Q - What’s Thom’s Take on Cancel Culture? [13:23] Our Source of Identity [16:10] Do People Like Me? [18:05] Lord Buddha Got 500 Likes [19:40] Q - What Do You Do When You Wake Up in an Inexplicable Funk?[20:11] Exposure to the Unboundedness[21:46] Expanding Our Event Horizon [23:10] It’s Not Personal [24:16] What Do I Have to Teach Today? [25:51] Exemplary Behavior [28:26] Q - How Do I Heal Anxious Attachment in Relationships? [29:14] A Big Bag of Fulfillment[30:18] Let Go of the Neediness [32:07] Be Relevant to the Need of the Times [33:31] Don’t be Overgenerous [34:36] Reciprocation and Sabotage [36:25] Back to Self-Sufficiency[38:00] Q - Does Vedic Meditation Alleviate PTSD?[38:15] Trauma is Ill-Defined[41:00] Trauma - Inaccurate Expectations[42:32] Vedic Meditation, Deep Rest, and Adaptation Energy[45:14] Reaction and RecoveryUseful Links: info@thomknoles.com https://thomknoles.com/https://www.instagram.com/thethomknoles/https://www.facebook.com/thethomknoleshttps://www.youtube.com/c/thomknoles https://thomknoles.com/ask-thom-anything/
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