53 minutes | Apr 4, 2021

God, Gods and Goddesses - Part 1

Does God exist?  It’s a question that’s puzzled humankind for millenia and the answer, from the Vedic worldview, is sure to both surprise and delight you, even if you are a hardened atheist.

This is not your standard philosophical debate on the idea of God, gods and goddesses but a matter-of-fact exploration that will liberate you from any dogma surrounding the subject or any social indoctrinations that might be limiting your perception.  

Most importantly, you’ll discover that experience trumps faith or belief when it comes to having a definitive answer to the question.

And if you need to listen to this episode two or three times to ‘get it’ that’s okay.  In fact, as with all of Thom’s podcast episodes, we recommend it.

Episode Highlights: 

[00:48] God is a Self-Referral Phenomenon

[02:31] Layers of Thinking

[03:57] Who Are You?

[05:15] How Do You Know?

[06:33] Creating A Model of the World

[08:08] The Unknown Becoming Known

[09:24] Everything That’s ‘Out There’ is In Here

[10:35] Agreeing With the Atheists

[11:47] Something Greater Than One’s Own Individuality

[13:36] Consciousness is Independent of the Brain

[15:55] Everything is in the Eye of the Beholder

[17:49] I Love You

[19:47] And I Thought You Loved Me Too

[20:32] Transcendental Being - The Only True Shared Experience

[22:08] God, Gods and Goddesses

[23:00] Removing Distorted Memories of Past Experiences

[24:07] Fight or Flight

[25:30] Premature Cognitive Commitments

[27:31] Distorted Memories in Action

[28:53] Less Stress, Improved Perception

[31:13] The Soma Flows and Perception Grows

[33:17] I See and I Smell

[35:00] A Celestial World Reveals Itself

[37:24] Seeing Gods and Goddesses

[39:30] The World Is For Us As We Can Be For It 

[40:57] Your Local Neighborhood God

[42:57] Does God Exist?

[44:07] What is Supreme For You?

[45:39] Albert Einstein and the Universe Are One

[47:32] Established in Being...

[49:12] Recognizing God (Without Faith)

[50:35] Trust in Your Own Personal Experience

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