81 minutes | Oct 14th 2019

The UPC Show – Episode 290 – John Handcockblockers

Welcome to the UPC Show with Curtis Haring, Bob Kubicheck, and Dylan McDonnell! In the first half: Legislative Dems introduce a pro-family agenda, a shady PAC is no more, the Utah Supreme Court explains why it is fine with signature removal, and Mayor Biskupski endorses Escamilla in the final weeks of the campaign. In the second half: Utahns pay fewer taxes than they did in a generation, but the leg has still spent most of its money promoting a tax increase on PR, Senator Romney says that everyone knows it is wrong for a president to ask a foreign power to investigate a political rival (but don’t tell that to former speaker Greg Hughes and Representative Kim Coleman, who were actively protesting the impeachment investigation). Other talking points include: You owned a VirtuaBoy?! Sim Doorknocking Grognack has ideas for the virtual space Everyone needs to go to jail Only fighting about things related to genitalia L’il baby Landslide Every drunk political science major’s idea This might be “Exhibit A” Portable fax machines Not knowing your sister’s name is a problem A POX UPON YOUR HOME! Sticking it to Trump 12 cents at a time Chuck Heston rolling over in his grave I mean…they put together a slide deck Not mathematically incorrect Shootin’ Straight with Chris Stewart Ya gotta confirm call A muppet on a rampage For you fuddy-duddies that don’t like the cold open: The politics talk kicks in at 7:00. AudioPlayer.setup("http://utahpoliticalcapitol.com/wp-content/plugins/simple-audio-player/player/player.swf", { width: 290 });AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_1653", {soundFile: "http://utahpoliticalcapitol.com/audio/UPC/UPC-2019-10-15.mp3", titles: "Utah Political Capitol", autostart: "no", loop: "no", animation: "yes", remaining: "yes", noinfo: "no", initialvolume: "70", buffer: "5", encode: "no", checkpolicy: "no", rtl: "no", width: "100%", transparentpagebg: "no", bg: "E5E5E5", leftbg: "CCCCCC", lefticon: "333333", voltrack: "F2F2F2", volslider: "666666", rightbg: "B4B4B4", rightbghover: "999999", righticon: "333333", righticonhover: "FFFFFF", loader: "009900", track: "FFFFFF", tracker: "DDDDDD", border: "CCCCCC", skip: "666666", text: "333333"}); Download Now .emd_dl_red_darker { -moz-box-shadow:inset 0px 1px 0px 0px #f5978e; -webkit-box-shadow:inset 0px 1px 0px 0px #f5978e; box-shadow:inset 0px 1px 0px 0px #f5978e; background:-webkit-gradient( linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0.05, #f24537), color-stop(1, #c62d1f) ); background:-moz-linear-gradient( center top, #f24537 5%, #c62d1f 100% ); filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr='#f24537', endColorstr='#c62d1f'); background-color:#f24537; -webkit-border-top-left-radius:0px; -moz-border-radius-topleft:0px; border-top-left-radius:0px; -webkit-border-top-right-radius:0px; -moz-border-radius-topright:0px; border-top-right-radius:0px; -webkit-border-bottom-right-radius:0px; -moz-border-radius-bottomright:0px; border-bottom-right-radius:0px; -webkit-border-bottom-left-radius:0px; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:0px; border-bottom-left-radius:0px; text-indent:0; border:1px solid #d02718; display:inline-block; color:#ffffff !important; font-family:Georgia; font-size:15px; font-weight:bold; font-style:normal; height:41px; line-height:41px; width:153px; text-decoration:none; text-align:center; text-shadow:1px 1px 0px #810e05; } .emd_dl_red_darker:hover { background:-webkit-gradient( linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0.05, #c62d1f), color-stop(1, #f24537) ); background:-moz-linear-gradient( center top, #c62d1f 5%, #f24537 100% ); filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr='#c62d1f', endColorstr='#f24537'); background-color:#c62d1f; }.emd_dl_red_darker:active { position:relative; top:1px; } Select [Download] to save directly to your device or click the play button to play in your browser. Download and subscribe on iTunes – Download and subscribe on Stitcher
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