34 minutes | Nov 17, 2020

Using our Library Voices: Let's meet HCPL and our librarians

This episode of Using our Library Voices,  librarians talk loud and proud about our library, we invite you listen in and learn a bit about the history and services we provide to our communities.

Media mentioned in this podcast include: The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cochran, Almost an American Girl by Grace Ha, No Pirates Allowed Said Library Lou by Rhonda Gowler Greene

Featured staff in this episode include: Tanner Adams , Edward Melton, Amanda Tachibana, Melinda Brinkley,  Beth Krippel, Molly McGinty, Cecilia Williams, Linda Stevens, Maria Madrid, Jennifer Finch, Anjela Martinez, Anna Weinberger, and Jason Cruz

This podcast was produced by Nancy Hu and John Harbaugh. 
Original Music Provided by Bryan Kratish.

This episode was edited by Beth Krippel and Nancy Hu

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