59 minutes | Oct 4, 2021

Spooktacular- Real Scary Tales from You , Meet Frankenstein's Bride & All about Zombies

Hello and welcome to another episode of “Using Our Library Voices”. For those of you who like to look at an old tale through a new lens...We have FrankenStory where we dissect  old stories and then reimagine them for modern times. For this episode, we examine the Bride of Frankenstein.Our next segment explores the origins of Zombies  and track their development in our culture through the media in which they appear! Throughout this episode we will also feature readings from our library's Centennial Postcard project, where we given patrons a postcard with the prompt..." Tell us a true scary tale" . Our readings are from the returned postcards from citizens of Harris County.As always find all the sources, movies and music we've listed in our catalog, available at www.hcpl.netCredits:This episode was produced by Jennifer Nandlal. Hosted by Sadina Shawver, with special voice acting by John Schaeffer. Edited by Jennifer Nandlal. With segments and dramatic retellings of your postcard submissions by Jennifer Finch, John Harbaugh, Ellen Kaluza, Beth Krippel, Rachel Moir, and Logan Tuttle.Music credit: Evil Makings by Halloween (https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Halloween/ST_1099/EVIL_MAKINGS)Sound effect: Lightning Strike (https://freesound.org/people/Turrus/sounds/242048/)
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