43 minutes | Apr 5, 2021

Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. In a continued effort to eradicate racism and hate, we wanted to highlight and celebrate the many cultures, contributions, and perspectives from the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Now more than ever we want to showcase the diversity in our communities and throughout the library system.We kick off this month's episode with John and Jason from Parker Williams as they give us the lowdown on Anime for beginners. In our Are You Are Afraid of the Stacks segment, we will explore two horror books in Children's literature written by Asian authors. Discuss their themes, and why we recommend them.  After living in Hawaii for 3 years, Jennifer from the Spring Branch Memorial Branch Library developed a love and appreciation for Hula. She joins us this month for a special interview with Nani Kamali’i-Chang of Ka Pa Hula Na Pua o Kamali'i – Houston. Books in our book recommendations:Simeon, Sheldon. Cook Real Hawai'i  https://www.hcpl.net/search/books?search=cook+real+hawai%27iAmano, Hugh and Sarah Becan. Let's Make Ramen! https://www.hcpl.net/title-record/988217 Vegan Richa's Indian Kitchen: Traditional and Creative Recipes for the Home Cook.  Hingle, Richa.  https://www.hcpl.net/title-record/574516Other materials mentioned in this podcast:Surfer of the century: The life of Duke Kahanamoku. Crowe, E., & Waldrep, R.  https://www.hcpl.net/title-record/204348 Kai goes to the Farmers Market in Hawaiʻi , & Merritt, M.  https://www.hcpl.net/title-record/1057667Ho'onani: Hula warrior  Gale, H., & Song, M.  https://www.hcpl.net/title-record/591805Juniors. Speak. Hemmings, K. H  https://www.hcpl.net/title-record/311149Rani Patel in full effect.  Patel, S.  https://www.hcpl.net/title-record/413977 Fiction: The descendants: A novel.Hemmings, K. H.  https://www.hcpl.net/title-record/279747 Diamond head: A novel  Wong, C.  https://www.hcpl.net/title-record/384700 Non-Fiction: Fodor's Travel. with Molokai & Lanai Apana, L., Ellison, K., Leon, C., & Stallings, D.  https://www.hcpl.net/title-record/519755 Aloha kitchen: Recipes from Hawai'i Kysar, A., & Dombroski, B.  https://www.hcpl.net/title-record/524002DVD: Hawaiian Quilting with Nancy Lee Chong  https://www.hcpl.net/title-record/145111Descendants   https://www.hcpl.net/title-record/285510 Freegal Playlist:  https://hcpltx.freegalmusic.com/browse/playlists/library-playlists/426381This podcast was produced by Nancy Hu, edited by Loyd Huyn and hosted by Jennifer Nandlal. Podcast presenters were Darcy Casavant, Jason Cruz, Jennifer Finch, John Harbaugh, Jennifer Nandlal, Sadina Shawver, and featuri
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