47 minutes | Mar 9, 2021

S2 - EP03 - Enough is Enough - BETA 2020

RO: Oana Pavăl continuă discuția despre BETA 2020 cu echipa curatorială a expoziției centrale - Enough is Enough, formată din: Ilka Ruby (arhitect, curator și co-fondator al editurii Ruby Press, din Berlin) Anca Cioarec (arhitect, asistent universitar, co-fondator Stardust Architects) și Brîndușa Tudor (arhitect, co-fondator Stardust Architects, cercetează neovernacularul urban). EN: Oana Pavăl continues talking about BETA 2020, with the curatorial team of the main exhibition - Enough is Enough, formed of Ilka Ruby (architect, curator and cofounder of Berlin based publishing house Ruby Press), Anca Cioarec (architect, co-founder of Stardust Architects and a teaching assistant at UAUIM) and Brîndușa Tudor (architect, co-founder of Stardust Architects and a researcher of neo-vernacular agencies in the built environment).
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