62 minutes | May 19, 2021

Rally // buying & selling equity shares in ultra-rare, collectible assets [UP088]

Interview begins: 5:59Debrief: 50:11Rob Petrozzo is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer for Rally.Rally is a liquid financial marketplace for buying & selling equity shares in ultra-rare assets the same way you buy & sell stocks. Together, we Rally to make investing behind ideas, emotions, and communities safe, easy, and accessible.They were the first to turn tangible assets into fractionalized public securities offerings. They were the first to establish a liquid secondary market for those securities. And they were they first to do this with SEC qualification.200+ IPOs later, hundreds of thousands of shares of trading cards, classic cars, watches, memorabilia, the world's rarest literature, and modern collectibles are all actively trading on Rally.We discuss: Reg A+ 7:03 Rally's Platform 8:09 Fractionalization of Assets 15:11 Rally Rd is more than about cars 16:52 Rally's User Base Proportion 19:35 Passion Lead Investing 21:40 60-40 Portfolio 25:59 Bull Market 28:55 Rob's view on NFTs 31:19 What's New With Rally 34:06 Rally's Showroom 36:44 Investing in Securing the Assets 40:45 Rally was founded in 2016 and based in New York City.Learn more about RallyFollow Rob on TwitterFollow upside on TwitterAdvertise with an upside classified–This episode of upside is sponsored by Ethos Wealth Management. Managing wealth with an eye toward the future demands vigilance and skill in today’s global economy. Over the years, Ethos Wealth Management has worked with clients and their other professional advisors – including attorneys and accountants – to create comprehensive wealth management plans designed to make the best use of their wealth today and help ensure its endurance for future generations.They can do the same for you. Visit upside.fm/ethos to learn more.–This episode is sponsored by SavvyCal. SavvyCal is the most intuitive and powerful scheduling tool on the market. In fact, we just started SavvyCal to book interviews with our guests! You can create personalized links in seconds and even allow recipients to overlay their calendar on top of yours. You really gotta see how this works, and you’ll wonder why it wasn’t always this easy.Sign up to create a free account at savvycal.com/upside and when you're ready to test out a paid plan, use the code UPSIDE to get your first month free.–This episode is sponsored by Fundboard.FundBoard makes free tools and content for founders. FundBoard's beta helps you quickly uncover investors that write checks for startups like yours. Building a FundBoard is really easy… but getting one built for you is even easier! And for a limited time, they're offering to make a FundBoard FOR YOU, pre-built with five investors that are a good fit for your startup so you can hit the ground running. This is an incredible offer for listeners of this show, so make sure you take them up on it! You have absolutely nothing to lose.Just visit upside.fm/fundboard.
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