56 minutes | Mar 24, 2021

Chris Bergman // building Gylee Games and The Fund Midwest [CC069]

Interview begins: 7:58

Debrief: 47:33

Chris Bergman is the founder and CEO of Gylee Games and a General Partner at The Fund Midwest.

Gylee Games believes in building big worlds. They believe in games that can be enjoyed in smaller chunks, not requiring hundreds of hours, but a delightful experience in short bursts. Gylee Games creates games for PC, Console and VR.

The Midwest Fund was born from The Fund, an NYC-based venture capital group. Founded in 2018 by an all-star cast of Jenny Fielding, Scott Hartley, Katie Hunt, Adam Carver and Matthew Brimer, The Fund has since expanded with micro-funds in Los Angeles, London and the Boulder/Denver region. And with each expansion, local founders and investors are tapped to lead each region.

We discuss:

  • ChoreMonster 9:26
  • Gylee Games and The Fund Midwest 10:19
  • Chris Bergman as a game developer and creator 11:56
  • Surrounding yourself with people that are really good 13:35
  • Funding a gaming studio 16:59
  • Game Studio Aspects 18:41
  • Gaming and Venture Capital 19:51
  • Pre-release marketing 23:27
  • Pressure on the first game 29:03
  • Strategy on acquisition model 30:46
  • Twitch to become stakeholders 32:04
  • Entering The Fund Midwest 32:56
  • Investment Thesis 38:31
  • Funded by founders, run by founders 39:50
  • Raising as an operator vs as a VC 44:50


Learn more about The Fund Midwest: https://thefund.vc/community/midwest/

Learn more about Gylee Games: https://gyleegames.com/

Follow Chris Bergman on Twitter: https://twitter.com/chrisbergman

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