62 minutes | Apr 21, 2021

Best Shot // a digital companion for fertility patients [UP087]

Interview begins: 5:49

Debrief: 51:25

Abby Mercado is the co-founder and CEO of Best Shot.

Best Shot is a patient’s companion in fertility treatments, providing medication management & education, streamlining the pharmaceutical ordering experience and enabling safe, supportive micro-communities led by experts.

Abby is a former venture capital investor, and current mom of IVF twins, who experienced a miscarriage resulting from an error made in administering one of her IVF medications.

We discuss:

  • Analyzing Macro Trends 11:43
  • The idea of fertility 17:18
  • Fertility decreases over time. 18:57
  • IVF 19:59
  • Best Shot 22:12
  • Alleviate the black market 30:27
  • Targeting problems 34:32
  • Simplfying treatment 36:21
  • Target market 39:20
  • Earning Revenue 43:31
  • Fertility Stigma 46:23

Best Shot was founded in 2019 and based in Denver, Colorado.

Learn more about Best Shot

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